About GraceFirst

Grace is a demonstration of God, the Father’s Love for us!  Like Love, Mercy, Righteousness, and Justice, Grace is an attribute of God; it has existed before the beginning of time.  He has demonstrated His Grace throughout the Old Testament.  God’s Grace is unlimited, boundless, multifaceted, and abundant.  It is inexhaustible!

Through the willingness of the Son, Jesus Christ, to be born of a virgin, become flesh, and dwell among us on earth as a sinless Servant, He suffered, was crucified and died, was buried, and resurrected in triumph over death.  Through His perfect sacrifice, Jesus Christ provided the Unmerited Gift of Salvation; a gift of redemption available for everyone.  He paid the price of sin for each of us.  It is the only way to restore our relationship with God.  Once the gift of salvation is accepted by a sinner, we are restored and sanctified in an eternal relationship with God, the Father. 

When Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven, the Holy Spirit entered the world to guide and encourage us to grow in Grace.  The Holy Spirit enters our hearts when we accept the Gift.  Grace is administered daily by the Holy Spirit to enable us to grow in the likeness and fullness of Jesus Christ.  We are to serve as a conduit of the Grace received, demonstrating our salvation through service to others, as we seek to do the good works God has planned for us. 

As Christians – representatives and followers of Jesus Christ – we are to respond by extending the Grace received to others.  Our response must be GraceFirst!  Everything else flows from it!