Church Family,

We are praying for each of you daily. We know that this time has been difficult for each family in many different ways. We stand firm in the confidence that our God holds all things in His hands and is not absent at this time. We pray for this virus’s end, but we also know that this time is not meant to be wasted for the work of the Gospel. The elders and pastors met last night to discuss a plan going forward. We continue to pray for wisdom as we navigate these uncharted waters. We want to make the wisest decision for the whole of the church. This requires that we do not operate in fear, rather we act in prudence and faith. Please continue to pray along with us for wisdom as we move forward. 

For the next two weeks, we will continue to have service like we did last week through YouTube live. We know there are ways to improve this worship experience and we are working on some of those possibilities related to sound, words for songs and the passages made available. While it is not ideal, we praise God that we have this avenue to worship.


Here is how to access the live feed on Sunday:

Type: in the web browser. In the YouTube search bar, type “sanctuary audio-visual GraceFirst.” In the options below, you will find our channel. Simply look for the GraceFirst logo. Or you can click the link:

As of now, there are no finalized plans for how to proceed with Fireside groups. However, we plan to meet with the Fireside leaders early next week to discuss how to move forward together. We will provide an update to those details after we have met with the Fireside leaders.

As a staff, we want to help parents to continue to disciple their children and youth. We plan to post a video mid-week starting next week that will provide a way to study the Word together and offer some fun activities too. We will upload these videos on Thursdays using the church website and the YouTube channel.

We continue to get questions about tithes. There are three ways you can continue to give faithfully. First, you can bring the tithe directly to the church office. Second, you can mail the tithe to the church. If mailed, please address as “Financial Secretary.” Tithes received on or before Wednesday will count towards the Sunday-week offering. All tithes received after Wednesday will count towards the ensuing Sunday. Third, we have the capability for ACH automatic withdrawal. You can set this up bi-weekly (5th and 20th of the month) or once a month choosing either the 5th or 20th. If you are interested in this possibility, please contact Erin. Please know you can cancel this method of tithing at any time.

How can we respond during this time? I know many are tired of seeing it on television or hearing about it on the radio. However, we can respond biblically and rightly to those God has placed around us. It is no accident you live where you live and encounter whom you encounter. God has not given us a spirit of timidity or fear, but one of power and love that is courageous. As Patrick preached on last week, we are able to serve and love because of God in us. Re-read 3:16-18, we can have a huge impact on God’s kingdom by how we live and how we love in “deed and truth”.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to serve and minister to you during this time.

– Patrick and Todd